Our Hostess Margherita at Poliziano

Jan 8, 2013 / Hector

Tour of the Montepulciano region, where Vin Noble de Montepulciano is made.  This wine uses the Prugnolo clone of the Sangiovese varietal.  We were greeted at the first winery by Thomas, general manager of Vin Noble de Montepulciano Consorzio.  The first winery was Bindella, and the hostess was Franchesca.  We were also greeted by Giovanni Capuano, the director/winemaker/manager.  We were given a generous tour by Franchesca followed by a discussion of the winery history and mission by Giovanni.  Several wines were tasted, and one usual component of the wine was the stark and hard to understand bottle labels.

The second winery was Poliziano, in the village of Stazione.  Founded in 1961, this was the 2nd or 3rd largest winery in Montepulciano.  Our hostess was Margherita Pallecchi, who showed us the vineyards, facilities, cellar and tasting room.  We briefly met Federico Carletti, the owner/agronomist and president of the Vin Noble de Montepulciano Consorzio.  Wines tasted were: 2010 Rosso di Montepulciano, 2009 Vin Noble di Montepulciano and 2009 ASINONE Vineyard designate DOCG Vin Noble.



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