Up, Up and Away! -Sara

Refreshed, excited and ready to take on 2013, I put my bags in the car and headed off to SFO to start the year off right; Italy here I come. I love an overnight flight just as much, if not more than anyone I know.  I feel like I don’t miss out on daylight, and that is superb in my book.  However there are a few things that are unavoidable when going from SFO to Tuscany on an overnight flight. 1) you will hit rush hour traffic trying to get the the airport, and it will be annoying. 2) you will lose an entire day as you traverse over the North Pole and forward through 9 time zones.

Check in was smooth, and I hound my of my fellow travelers just past security enjoying good company and tasty Mexican food.  A light bite and it was time to board.  Getting so many people onto an aircraft can be a production. To my pleasure, Swiss air did full overly job of getting everyone in their seats and the plane off the ground quickly.

The flight was smooth. A few movies, a quick nap or two and more food than I have ever been fed on a  flight,  great seat mates and an empty seat to my left made for an even nicer journey. Thanks Swiss Air!

Just the Alps, no big deal

Just the Alps, no big deal


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