This Morning…. Puff!!

Jan 8th, 2013 – Jorge F Covarrubias

Another beautiful morning in Siena, heading over to yet another beautifu2013-01-08_15.05.14l wine region; this time we are in the region of Montepulciano.  Our first winery visit is very intensive, Bindella Winery takes us thru the entire wine making process starting in the vineyards and ending with a nice bottle of wine.  For the first time we experience a very unique grape that is common to this area, Colorino, used in small amounts for color enhancement, the winemaker was very nice as to get a barrel sample for us to see and taste, compared next to a sample of sangiovese.

This region is known as the “middle Sister” between Chianti and Brunello.  The legal requirement is a minimum of 70% sangiovese, and a minimum aging of 2 years.  The clone used here is called “prunelo”.  One thing we found throughout our tour was the use of the truncated cone tanks for rementing smaller lots

For lunch we visit the town of Montepulciano where we enjoy an amazing panini lunch with a bottle of prosseco, and for the first time experience the famous “Fromag2013-01-08_13.14.07io fresco” fresh cheese.  At this point, I’ve discovered that the best way to experience true Italian food is to find the smaller venues the ones that taylor to the locals more than to the tourist, I believe this will be the best way to experience true Italian food.

Once we are back in Siena a few of us decide to go back to the square for dinner, on the way there we walk by a couple of food venues that sell Gyros, which we all decide to make these our 2nd choice.  Once we get to the square we don’t find anything that we agree on so we decide to walk back and get some gyros.  On the way there one of the girls in our group looks at a menu and notices that the bruchetas are only 4Euro’s so she decides this is the place we should eat.

At this point the group has slip up and there are only 3 of us, we decide to go in and check ou this place.  We look at the menu and notice that they have wild bore, which we’ve heard is worth trying at least once, so we decide to order 3 different dishes and all share.  We ask the Waiter if the Bore is fresh and in a broken Enlish he says ” Yes, this morning… puff!!” as he makes a rifle with his hands and pretends to shoot at something…

Our faboulous dinner consisted of 2 orders of rissoto, an order of frutti di mare, an order of wild bore and a litre of sparkling wine all this for under $50Euros!

Great food, great price!!


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