One bad experience

Jan 9,2013-Brooke Maclean

To celebrate my birthday a group of us wanted to go dancing, this plan was the beginning of an interesting night. To start off the night I had to talk to the women at the check in desk. I asked her if she could please call us a taxi, while the rest of my group waited outside. She was on the computer so I figured that she was not “calling” a taxi. She looked up to me and said that the taxi would be here in 4 minutes. I responded “is that a van taxi because I have six people in my group” She rudely responded “uhh your supposed to tell me how many people there were before I called” I politely explained to her that I figured she would have asked me or I would have mentioned it when she “called”. I apologized and she got another taxi. Little did I know the group of people I was with that was waiting outside decided that we should just walk instead. When I got outside, they made me tell the taxi’s we didn’t need them anymore. What a waste right? I got yelled at for nothing. After 15 blocks of walking and getting lost to find Space Electronic, we finally got to the correct address.


Unfortunately with my luck, they were closed on the day of the week we went. However it was my birthday, we all looked nice and dressed up, so we decided to go checkout multiple bars all the way back home. At the end of the night our group got split up and my roommate that had our key was not back at the hotel yet. As a result, Kerry and I were locked out of our room and we had to ask for a new key. When we walked up to the front desk I was thankful to notice that the woman was not working but a man instead. As we walked up to the desk we asked for a new room key. I don’t know why but I think the employees at this hotel don’t like our large tour group. Again, this employee was extremely inpatient and rude to us. He told us that it was our fault for losing the key and he won’t make us another. After explaining the situation, he rolled his eyes and made us another. The lesson of the night: not all Italians are this disrespectful to Americans and to not to let their poor attitudes effect my trip. I was not about to let two people bring down my experiences I have had with all the other wonderful Italian people I have met on this trip thus far.


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