Six courses of Slow Food

Jan 10,2013-Brooke Maclean


Let me start off by saying that I have never eaten so much in one sitting in my entire life. Slow food refers to both the style of the meal and the duration of it. All the food is locally grown, fresh and in season. A normal slow food meal is approximately six hours long but we shortened it to about three and a half. This meal was to die for and I slowly enjoyed every bite of it. I have never had so much good food in one sitting before. Our slow food meal consisted of six courses. We had a Soup, appetizer, two pastas, a meat dish and dessert. The soup was an artichoke based soup with olive oil and croutons in it. The next course was also artichoke based but it was in a shape of a small pound cake topped with something that looked like fried seaweed. The next courses included the two pastas which were both dressed differently and marinated chicken. To conclude the meal we had a lemon type cake and cappuccino. I was extremely happy that I wore a dress to that meal and not something with a waist band because everything was too delicious to pass up.



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