Didn’t even know I fell asleep..

January 6, 2013-Katie Mathews

Our long but amazing day in Venice, the city on water, was an excursion. We took the first train in and the last train out to maximize the time we had to explore this unique city. We walked to St. Marc’s Square crossing canal after canal, stopping every five steps to take pictures. Along the way, we also had the chance to ride a gondola, which was the one thing I wanted to do going there. Once we reached the square after a longer than anticipated walk due to all the photos we took along the way, we stopped at a nice restaurant on the water to eat. Half of us ordered this amazing seafood pasta dish that was one of the most memorable dishes I ate this trip.
On the journey back to the train station, we had some time to kill before our train was leaving. We found a cute little café with free WiFi, which was a deciding factor in almost everywhere we went, and unfortunately lost Danny and Darin along the way. The rest of the crew enjoyed the authentic environment on comfortable couches and satisfying appetizers and wine. I was already tired from the long day and still not adjusted completely to the time change, but I was sitting on the couch listening to Noam speak in Hebrew while Facetiming her mom. That is the last thing I remember before being woken up by her showing me this picture, that I had indeed fallen asleep sitting up on the couch. Proof of a very long day but a memorable addition to the trip!


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