Hunt for Gelato

January 5, 2013-Katie Mathews

After a day of exploring the city, a few of us were still ready to continue to look around. It was nighttime and we wanted to check out the other direction from the hotel, since we had only explored one side. We began the quest, and finding gelato was the one thing on my mind. We came to the subway and discovered the underneath pass to get to the other side of the tracks. Trekking down the tunnels, we discovered all sorts of graffiti covering every square inch of the walls, making for an interesting sighting.
We continued to follow the trail of artwork while stopping to examine each piece. They were all so intricate and unique with so many different meanings behind the surface. I was very intrigued by the displays the filled the entire underground, while still moving forward to find gelato. We used our internal GPS to follow the tunnel and came out directly in front of a gelato place! It was exciting just to be in Florence, but the fun findings in our exploring made for the end to a great day.


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