Classic time in Chianti

January 5, 2013Image

Our very first winery of the trip was absolutely beautiful and the owner was a true Italian.  Not a word of English, proud of his lineage and constantly flirting. Castello Di Verrazzano Winery is classic Chianti.  A gorgeous view above a treacherous road.  Traditional architecture and traditional wine making.  We spent most of the tour learning of the wineries history and looking at portraits of men long dead.  The wine was pretty good.  Typical Chianti Classico as one would expect to taste and smell.

After our tour of Di Verrazzano we went for lunch in the ghost town entitled Radda where I first discovered just how far off season we truly were.  The streets were completely empty which was wonderful because I could take my time meandering the streets without running into giant crowds of tourists.

The second winery of the day was one of my favorites, Badia Coltibuono Winery.  The general manager there spoke excellent English and gave us a truly in depth tour of his vineyard and winery.  The wine making practices at this winery are clearly more modern then the former I was truly impressed to see so many of our Californian type practices being carried over.  Perhaps just to remind us that we were in fact in an ancient wine making land, vastly predating our own, he then took us to his monastery for a tasting of his exquisite wines.  The building dated back over 1,000 years and was truly exceptional.  His wines had a juicy cheery fruit and sweet spice.  I truly wish that I could have procured a bottle there to take home with me but have had to settle with buying it here instead. 

After we returned home I felt rather restless and being a Saturday night with Sunday off I decided to see the other side of Florence.  So a buddy and I embarked on our infamous drinking tour of Florence and had an amazing time to my limited recollection.


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