Day 5: Amazing Maze

IMG_04441/06/2013 Darin Mraz

Getting up and getting on the train was painful, but all I kept saying to myself was this is my favorite city in the world. Getting on the train I slept the whole way and then we arrived Venice in the morning I was blown away again at the beauty this city had to offer, Walking into the city we found an authentic mask store and after a few minutes of pictures we proceeded on to our gondola ride. This amazing experience is one everyone that visits Venice needs to experience. After an amazing tour by gondola, we made our way to the Rialto Bridge and also St. Marks Square. As we made our way to lunch we were able to absorb the history and culture of the venetians and also the incredible art the city had to offer.

After eating we made our way into St. Marks Basilica walking through I stopped to light candles for some of my family members and donated some money and said a prayer. As we made our way out we walked back to the rialto bridge and went to do more shopping. We then found a small market and bought a drink and fruits. At this point our group got separated so Danny and I walked around and got lost in some residential areas and then made our way back to the train area. We did some roaming by the train terminal and also enjoyed a glass of wine at an outdoor café. We then regrouped and headed back. We arrived back in Florence and ate and went back to the hotel. Little did we know the whole group was having an awesome hotel party, When we joined from our long day I was a little hesitant but then we started talking to the MBA’s again and yet again by the end of the night, we gained an unbelievable amount of knowledge and also by then end of the night the dance party was quite comical until we made a little to much noise a little to late. In all it was a night well done.


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