Irish bar in Italy

January 3, 2013-Gabe Magee
The next 10 hours on the plane took forever to fly by, and before I knew it we had already boarded the next flight and landed in Florence. We met our tour guide for the trip, Linda, who seemed like a sassy and fun young lady. She gave us a brief overview of what to expect and led us to a bus with a nonfunctioning espresso maker on it, just to tease us every morning. We got room assignments, got on the bus, and checked into our quarters.
Shortly after checking in, we departed for our welcome dinner. It was hosted at a magnificent mansion and we were served three courses with a house Vino Rosso that went by the name Ripalta. The label on the bottle was the same picture as the villa we were eating at. It was a good introduction to the easy drinking more common red wines of the area.
I was excited to be in Florence but was terribly jetlagged. I was looking forward to heading back to the hotel and catching up on some sleep. Once we checked in to the Hotel Meridiana and got situated with the two tiny little beds snuggled up to each other, we decided to explore the city instead of going straight to sleep. A group of us went out and found an Irish Pub in Italy with a Scottish bartender, which was a lot of fun and a good way to start getting to know people in the group.


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