Walking around Florence

January 4, 2013-Gabe Magee
After a tough night’s sleep, we got up to get breakfast before our tour of Florence. The breakfast was the first of many that would leave a lot to be desired. I already craving an American breakfast – the Italians seem to serve a lot of meats, cheeses and pastries. Linda met us downstairs and started our walking tour of Florence. It was downright frigid outside, so I bought a beanie from a guy standing on the corner with a little table with random things on it. It wasn’t the best looking beanie and it even had the label “sport” on it, must have been made for athletes. Although tacky it was fleece lined and comfortable for a 3 euro beanie.
A lovely Italian lady met us outside the Duomo before taking us on a walking tour around the heart of Florence. She explained historical facts through our “whisperers” that was interesting to learn about. The church (Duomo) was absolutely incredible, magnificent art and centuries of culture coalesced into one. We continued walking through the small alleys of the ancient city to churches and saw the replica of Michelangelo’s David. We also walked over an ancient bridge, with expensive shops sitting on the Arno River and marveled at the beauty of our surroundings. Unfortunately I had to cut the day and evening short gave into the flu. The rest of the group went off for the slow food dinner while I tried to sleep it off.


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