Gretel, did you forget the breadcrumbs?

Jan 8th, Stephanie Peachey

The day started with an amazing run through the beautiful city of Siena.  The weather was cool but the company and scenery were superb.  After a good push, Regina and I stopped for a cappuccino with plenty of time to prepare for our 8:45am departure. Fast forward 20 minutes and we had passed the same coffee shop for a 3rd time.  Needless to say, we were lost and not just sort of lost but super lost.  And despite having passed “travel 101” we both managed to leave the hotel without knowing the name.  Thankfully, a store clerk took mercy on us and made an illegal copy of a for-purchase map and provided very detailed instructions on how to get back to our street, which we were able to identify.   I will say, seeing the Duomo glowing pink in the rising sun was worth the fear of potentially missing the bus. A life-pausing moment.

Vino Nobile de Montepulciano, not to be confused with the Montepluciano grapes, provided yet another great example of Italian wine makers using Sangiovese in a regionally specific but unique “middle-sister” style. Bindella appeared to be a well-organized, medium-to-large producer, offering a spectrum of wines beginning at 6 euro a bottle. A highlight was sampling Colorino, not a varietal we have in the states.  Later, at Poliziano, we were treated to a second, in-depth tour by probably the best guide of the trip. Their operation was equally impressive but their willingness to embrace and encourage wine tourism was most impressive. The expanding system will aid in their growth.  Favorite wine of the day, Asinone. 



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One Response to Gretel, did you forget the breadcrumbs?

  1. pemmitt says:

    I agree. Loved that big donkey wine (Asinone).

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