In Reality

Jan 12th, Stephanie Peachey

Reality. The other end of our flight means our vacation-course is officially over, another semester begins, work emails can no-longer go ignored and normal daily responsibilities resume. In other words, reality is waiting.  For us, it also means seeing our sweet little boy, which comes with anticipation greater than Christmas morning.  Yes, even better than the excitement of going to Sassicaia.

In Italy:

  • Lunches linger over a third course, a delicious bottle of wine and biscotti dipped in vin santo.
  • Wineries date back to the14th century.
  • You spend your days gaining in-depth knowledge about international wine regions.
  • You get to taste wine with experts who double as your classmates and professors.  Your side conversations are filled with great and sometimes dorky wine discussions.
  • You get to spend time with new friends.
  • Table wines cost as low as 3 Euro a glass and actually taste good.
  • Dinners are leisurely and end with digestives.
  • You can’t throw a rock without hitting a good restaurant.
  • You find an Irish pub where only American music is played.
  • Wineries are just beginning to develop wine-tourism/ wine tasting programs.
  • You run into friends on the street in foreign cities.
  • Dinner takes place in a castle.



About SSU Tuscany Tour

This blog is maintained by the participants of the SSU Tuscany Wine Tour
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