Kate Sullivan- Friday, January 4, 2012: What’s With All the Hype About Florence?

This morning, after waking up and realizing that I am in Florence, I quickly hopped out of bed and headed to take a shower. I had my converters, my adapters, and my hairdryer in hand, ready to make myself look as Euro-Chic as possible. To my horror, just as I was about to use my hairdryer, I realized that the wattage was too much for the converter that I brought. Everyone must understand something- my hairdryer is my life. If I don’t blow dry my hair then I end up looking like a hot mess, which isn’t pretty. My only other option was to attempt to use the hairdryer on the wall. After an attempt that seemed to take up half of my morning, my hair was poofy and not up to par. But what was I going to do? So I decided that I would just have to live with the misery. Good times.

            After a quick breakfast at the hotel, our tour group set out to start our walking tour of Florence, which included walking as a group of thirty tourists and some weird ear devices. I’m pretty sure we stuck out like a sore thumb. Whatever, Americans rock. As we walked around and got a feeling for what Florence has to offer, I noticed a beautiful building at the end of the street on the horizon. It was the building that I have studied in so many of my art history classes and only saw in textbooks. There it was, the Duomo, one of the greatest pieces of architecture in the world. As we walked closer, I was able to really see the craftsmanship of the building. It was at the very least one of the most breathtaking views I have seen in my life.

The rest of the tour was amazing. We were able to walk around and spot some great places to shop on the street that wouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg, which I am a huge fan of. The tour ended with the pretty cool leather-making demo. Once we were free to do as we pleased, a few of my newly made girlfriends, Gabe, and I walked around and shopped a little bit. We ended the excursion with some lunch at a restaurant called Plaz. I got a really good club sandwich (yes I know, how Italian of me) and drank some pretty good wine. I, as well as everyone else at the table, was ecstatic to hear that the restaurant had Wifi! Living in a world so dependent on technology and connecting with others every chance we can get, I instantly checked my email and Facebook. Don’t you just love doing that on vacation? I was happy to see that my mom emailed me and I was able to email her back and announce that I was in fact alive after no communication with the outside world for three days. I bet she could breath a huge sigh of relief.

After a great lunch with great friends, we all thought it would be a great idea to get individual boxed, yes, BOXED, wines at 1.60 euro! What a steal. We decided to wander around some more and drink the wine. I ended up buying a cute black satchel and we all walked back to the hotel. To my horror, the black satchel was not black, but brown. I wear a lot of black and black and brown rarely go together, so I was very sad to make such a discovery. Luckily, I have lovely roommates who said that they would buy the purse off of me. Thank God.

Our day ended with a nice dinner with the whole crew at a nice restaurant. The steak we had was delicious and all of the wine we drank was amazing. I’m really beginning to like this city. And no, it’s not just the wine talking. Until next time.ImageImage


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