Kate Sullivan- Wednesday, January 9, 2012: Happily Ever After

This was our last morning in Sienna. I’m sad that we weren’t able to see the city in the daylight, but that only gives me another reason to return back to Tuscany! Today was our longest drive of the trip. We left Sienna and headed to the Bolgheri wine region, one of the most popular regions. The drive to the region was long, but it was beautiful. We were able to really see the Tuscan countryside in all of its glory.

            Our first winery visit was to Tenuta San Guido, known for Sassacaia wine. I had not known anything about Sassacaia prior to this visit, but I heard a bunch of people from the group talk about it, so I was eager to figure out what all of the buzz was about. Oh man was I blown away! I’ve been blown away many times on this journey, but not like this. From the set up of our tasting to the wines themselves, I was thoroughly impressed with these wines. They were so smooth and had a lot of flavor. Had I not been on a budget for this trip, I would have bought a bottle of the Sassacaia right on the spot. Amazing winery and amazing wine.

            We were able to have a really good lunch full of paninis and prosecco in the little town just down the road from the winery. It was full of great conversation and laughs. My kind of lunch!

            Our next, and final, winery was Tenuta dell ‘Ornellaia. What a way to end the wine tour! From viewing the vineyards to viewing the entire facility, Ornellaia was definitely a treat to us all. I love that they make every year special and different from all of the others. The artwork was something new, and I’m always game for something new. I loved looking at all of the artwork that was on display in the building. I couldn’t believe how clean the entire place was. I almost felt like I should have been wearing booties around! Very cool. Their barrel room was definitely something else. I was so impressed by the mirror artwork that they had on display and the barrel room as a whole. I must have taken at least twenty pictures of it. Even better than the facility was the wine. Oh. My. God. Could I have asked for a better way to end the trip? I was very content with what my taste buds were tasting. Amazing wine from such an amazing winery. I felt so honored to be able to have spent time with the winemaker, what a privilege! All around, a great visit. I will never forget it.ImageImage


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