They Do Something Besides Wine Jan 10, 2013 Rennie Young

On our second to last day in Italy we traveled to San Minato where we visited a butcher shop where two very beautiful Italian men were stuffing sausage into pig intestines. Only Italian men can make this disgusting process incredibly sexy. We had a lot of free time after our trip to the butcher so a few of us wandered around San Minato, which probably wasn’t the best idea since it was pouring rain and none of us had an umbrella. Fortunately a sweet old lady saw us and gave us her extra umbrella.

After we were thoroughly soaked, we sat down at a little coffee shop and cracked open a bottle of Prosecco and started studying for our test that evening. I have decided that drinking while studying it the best idea I’ve ever had. Yes it takes a bit longer to remember the information, but you have a lot more fun than you would if you were sober. Image



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