Tour of Florence Jan 3, 2013 Rennie Young

Rooming with two other girls has its perks but has made me realize the downsides as well, one of which is needing to get up at the crack of dawn, allowing enough time for us all to shower and get ready. I have never truly appreciated a blow dryer until I’m trying to dry my lions mane of a head with something that looks like a vacuum and only blows lukewarm air. After what seems like a lifetime, the three of us decide that we are finally looking presentable and head out to meet the rest of our class.

Our first day in Florence starts off with a tour of the city, led by our tour guide that will be traveling along with us for the next two weeks; she begins by taking us over to the Duomo. I fancy myself somewhat cultured but I have never before seen a building like this before. First of all, it’s huge. Standing directly in front of it doesn’t even allow you to see the entire building. The Duomo looks like brand new carved marble, covered with statues of the saints and religious scenes carved into the sides. It’s all focused around a huge dome protruding from one side of the structure. At the time of construction, this dome was the largest yet lightest weight dome ever built; the architect came up with a new design to make this possible. Image


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