Why can’t more meals be served in a castle?

Jan 2nd and 3rd, Stephanie Peachey

No trip is complete without a little last minute scrambling, a few final emails, nervous jitters about leaving the precious babe and frantic searching for the lost [insert whatever item you double confirmed you had but somehow lost between confirmations] item, in my case, the debit card. Thankfully, everything came together and despite a bit of a stressful beginning, Derek, Gabe and I departed for SFO as scheduled.  Although, the initial stress which Derek are well accomosed, might have freaked out Gabe. Thankfully, my dork new Italian radio station, compliments of Pandora helped clam, okay annoy, everyone’s nerves. 12 sleepy and boring hours later, we arrived in Florence, a city I hold dear to my heart…

Florence is where I first discovered my love travel.  In my early 20s, while living in Switzerland, I traveled to Florence to visit an aunt who lived just outside of the city. Her local tour and exposure to food and wine had a profound impact on my life. Florence later majored in an even more significant life event, as it was where Derek and I celebrated our engaged after he proposed in Cinque Terre.  Now I am happy to add, furthering my education and aiding to the knowledge in my dream, wine industry career to experiences in Florence. Along with meeting new friends and drinking tremendous wines.  As side note, I think I will mandate that all arrival meals take place in a castle…it certainly set things off to a good start.



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