For Credit Guidelines

Guidelines if Taking SSU Tuscany Wine Tour Class for Credit

GRADING CRITERIA:  All students who take the class for university credit will be expected to complete all pre-trip reading materials (on the Internet), participate in all winery excursions, professor briefing sessions, and complete a 25 question multiple choice test on Day 9 of the trip.  In addition, students who sign up for:

  • Undergraduate classes for 3 units must write ten 1 page trip blogs and a 3 page reflection paper due on Jan. 25, 2013
  • MBA Students must write ten 1 page trip blogs and a 10 page research on the Past, Present, and Future of Wine Business in Tuscany, Italy due on Jan. 25, 2013.

All for credit students are required to attend a 2 hour planning meeting on November 8, 2012 from 6-8pm and a 2 hour debrief meeting on January 25, 2013 from 6-8pm.


Pre-Reading Materials – See Pre-Reading Tab on menu for complete list. To be completed BEFORE Jan. 2, 2013.

Winery Excursions – All students taking the class for credit are expected to prepare and ask at least one question for each winery visited – based on pre-readings.  Please consult schedule for list of wineries.

Professor Briefings – All students taking the class for credit are expected to participate in Professor Briefing sessions (see schedule).  These will include a synthesis of the day’s visits, mini-lectures, discussions, questions, and other topics.  (Approximately 60 minutes in length).

Multiple Choice Test – The 25 question test will be given on the bus during the morning of Day 9 in the morning.  It will be based on the following topics:

  • Major appellations of Tuscany
  • Definition:  DOC Vs. DOCG vs. IGT
  • Number of DOCs vs. DOCGs in Tuscany
  • History of Sangiovese
  • Markers & Characteristics of Sangiovese
  • Types of grapes, percentages and aging requirements for wines from Chianti, Chianti Classico, Brunello, Vino de Noble de Montepulciano, and Super Tuscan (Bolgheri region)
  • Production techniques  for red wines
  • Production techniques for Vin Santo
  • White grapes of Tuscany – Vernachacio, Vermentino, Blended White, Trebianno
  • Source of the Brunello Scandal

Blog Postings – All students taking the class for credit are expected to write a blog posting (minimum of 2 to 3 paragraphs) for each day of the trip.  If possible, it is best to do this during the trip, or take good notes so you can write your postings when you return home.  Deadline:  January 25, 2013, 6pm.  Each posting should include:

1)      Date, Your Name, and a Photo from that day.

2)      Paragraphs should describe your day and what you learned, surprises, insights, and descriptions of wineries or other sites visited.

3)      Your favorite wine of day (no negative comments about wines or wineries).

4)      Also identify at least one thing you found interesting in terms of wine business or culture, e.g. environmental practices, marketing, production techniques, regulations, business strategy, or cultural aspect (art, music, literature, history, landscape, etc.)

The name of the blog (also serving as class website) is

To log-on use the following directions:

1)       Go to

2)      Click on Login Link (on lower right hand side)

3)      User name:__________________________

4)      Password:___________________________

5)      Click on New Post (Top Right)

6)      Enter a Catchy Title for Your Post

7)      Type in your 2 – 3 paragraphs (consider copying and pasting from a Word file on your computer)

8)      Make sure to include your name and the date you are writing about, e.g. Jan. 3, 2013- Jo Somebody.

9)      Add photo by clicking on Insert Phot (upper right)

10)  When finished, click on PUBLISH POST (lower right)

11)  View your post.  If you want to make revisions, go back to posts, click on edit, and then UPDATE.

PAPER TOPICS – Undergraduate students:  Write a minimum of 3 pages (typed, double-spaced) answering the following question:  Discuss how the history, culture, and environment of Tuscany is reflected in the wine industry today.

MBA/Graduate Students:  Write a minimum of 10 pages (typed, double-spaced) answering the following question: Compare and contrast one winery we visit in each of the 4 regions, describing history, production techniques, marketing, environmental issues, and legal regulations.  Select the winery you believe to be most successful and justify your answer.

Optional Games – We will also be playing several games on the trip.  Participation is optional, but should be fun.  Following are the games we are planning.

1)      Half-way to Italy (time)

2)      Photo Contest

3)      Trivia Contest (on Bus)

4)      Find This Spot (in Florence & Siena)

5)      Estimate of Number of Wines We Will Taste at 8 Wineries


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